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Are you a landlord with high standards for your rental properties? Do you aspire to provide the best accommodation experience for your guests in London? Look no further than Save Stay Management. We’re here to help you achieve your goals and elevate your rental property to excellence. The Times Recognizes Excellence: At Save Stay Management, […]

London Property Management Offer

Property management offer

Join us today and See the benefits Straight Away We Created a Special Offer just for you! Join us Today and you will became a member of our amazing network.  What we promise you: – Professional Management Service; – Dedicated Account Manager; – No Hidden Charges; – High Rating from the Guests; – Hassle Free […]


Home Owner & Airbnb Host Since we engaged the team of Save Stay, everything went fantastic. No matter whether the apartment needs to be prepared for guests or for ourselves, it was always perfect. Lot’s of small gimmicks, perfect cleanness and of course a great welcome and key service for the guests. The team of […]



Home Owner & Airbnb Host “I was really happy with their service so i actually decided to give them my second property! The flat was always full and every time I came to the flat, the flat looked immaculate and clean. You wouldn’t even think that any has ever been in the flat.”  Maz has […]